Sponsor and therapist for World Equestrian Games Team GBR endurance horse Barik.


Sponsor and therapist for Beth Eckley.

Kazak Sunburst, read about his story here....

Equine Sports Massage is a hands-on therapy which uses professional sports massage techniques.  Equine Sports Massage provides a full evaluation of your horse's musculo-skeletal system, to ensure it is performing at it's optimum and not concealing any problems.  Massage treatments provide many benefits to the whole body, in particular can alleviate and prevent problems in the musculo-skeletal system.

Every horse can benefit for massage treatments.

ESM is especially beneficial for....

changes in behaviour or performance?

muscle fatigue after competition?


shortened stride?

cold back?


difficulty warming up?

a muscle injury?

on box rest?

a musculo-skeletal condition?

preference to one rein?

difficulty working in a soft outline?

conformational fault?

regular competitions or expected to perform to a high level?