22.FEB.16 - Horses Inside Out conference

I have just returned from the 2-day conference run by Horses Inside Out.  Some fascinating speakers and so much to learn.  In particular, the difficulties diagnosising conditions on the back.  As the horse is too large to fit in an MRI scanner, diagnositic imaging of the back is limited to CT, ultrasound and scintigraphy.  To complicate matters, interpretation of these images can be challenging. Whilst images of some horses' backs is indicative of kissing spine, clinical signs does not suggest pain or problem, whilst some horses may have clinical signs but the images show very little pathology.  It is vital to understand the individual horse in diagnosing and treatment disease of the back.

31.MAR.15 - First Aid Course

I have now completed the BHS 2-day initial first aid course

17.JUL.14 - Sponsorship of Team GBR rider

I am pleased to be sponsoring World Equestrian Games 2014 Team GBR endurance rider Abbi Tennant and horse Barik.  Barik will benefit from equine sports massage as part of his preparation for the FEI 3* 160km race on the 28th August.  Sports massage will ensure he is physically at his peak, is not affected by muscle conditions such as strains, spasms or tension, and is supple through a full range of movement. 
To find out more about Herefordshire rider Abbi Tennant visit her website.